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[27 Jan 2002|12:47pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hEy !! i havn*t written in this for like ever and i*m like bored and all so i decided tuh write in it... it*z been like 5 month*z hehe.. well i*ll catch you up on my 411 well i ended up dumpin anthony.. bc we didn*t see eachother then i went out wit this b0i rOsS and we lasted for like 2 month*z and then i dumped him bc he was pissin me off.. yea i no bad move but i still like him.. well rite now im on the fone wit britt and were bOth are sick but she*z gettin ova her sickness and i*m like in the middle of gettin ova mine.. i have the flu.. oh well.. wEeLL im outtie - xoxoxox
<3 yA

(*kiss me*)

whoopzeez ;x [15 Aug 2001|10:03pm]
[ mood | sore ]

ok i haven't written in this for like eva ok on sundai i like slept ova sams and we had tuh get up earlee in the mornin and i couldn't fall asleep then i did at like 2:30 and woke up at 7 ;x and then the next dai we went tuh JuST cheer'z' and we did jumpz liftz and bak hand springz it was fun but i dont like my flier ughhh o well itz not like i lift her i juss bak spot.. i went tuh JuST cheer'z' three daiz and were goin agian in like too weekz.. im soo sore from there omg.. mah neck my wristz and my anklez... ahh.. lol and tuhdai at juss cheerz i was layin on mah stomach and jessica cumz a sitz on me and startz snappin mah bra and takin out mah hair thingz and throwin them... that gurl is so hyper like all the time.. and i read more of mah summa readin im on ch 8 yes !! almost done.. lol only like 4 more chapterz !! lol well im goin tuh go byEE

(*kiss me*)

5:00 ;x [11 Aug 2001|08:56pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i went tuh sleep at like 5:00 last nite and then i woke up at like 2 and then i went on aol and then my mom wanted me tuh go ova tuh the old house and help her pick up the mess and junk so i went and then we finished for the nite and i was like oh can i jump in to the po0l ?!? and my momz like sure if you get me a bag and i got it for her and then like i get on the corner thing of the po0l and then im standin should i jump in ?? and im like ok im gunna jump in but you guyz have tuh watch me !!! and then i jumped in wit my clothzz on and then i was like doin ballet for my mum and then i got out and i was like did you like it ? did i entertain you ? shes like oh yea.. and then we went bak tuh our new house and then i got changed into dry cloths and then we went tuh wendy's and i got a numba 7 and then we went home ate and then i went bak on aol.. and that was like mah day ! lol and on mondai i have tuh get up at like 730 ? so that i can get ready and make a sandwitch for juss cheerz.. lol well im outz byE !!! oh yea i got a new sn eva one !! itz [ i kish me L ] im me !!

(*kiss me*)

lalalala [11 Aug 2001|12:30am]
[ mood | lonely ]

i dont wanna waste my timE !!! i luv dat song... lol yesterday all i like did was like pick up my cheerleadin shurt..WHAT FUN !! lol.. my sis has been gone 2 dai !! yay !! lol lol now i have tuh stay up like all by mah self... lol she calls me up last nite at like 2 am and we talked tuh like 3 am it was soo funnee.. and shes tellin me all this junk that like i didn't care about.. lol juss kiddin it was well im gunna go now i have tuh read for skewl ugh !!! lolbyE

(*kiss me*)

* egyption style * [10 Aug 2001|01:56am]
[ mood | blah ]

this is what happened yesterdai.. ok out of the BLUE lizzie came ova and then i was talkin tuh sam on aol and i asked her tuh cum ova and shes like yea but mah mom don't feel like drivin and im like ok well meet you sumwhere and we walkin and we go and we get there and we passed chris b's house and hez movin away.. ;( that kid was like my best friend in 5th grade.. ok anyways bak tuh the other story and we get tuh my house and sams mom told her tuh call her when she gets tuh mah house and so she tries tuh call her and shes like omg i think i forgot the fone off the HUK !!! omg i have tuh go and put it on the huk and then me and lizzie are like how do you no ? maby you didn't and blah blah blah.. and then shes well im gunna go and put it bak on the huk ill be rite bak.. and then kim came and she was talkin tuh lizzie and me and then she left and then sams mom called and shes like hi is alesia there and im like yes i am its me.. and shes like why didn't my daughter call me i was like she did and she taught she forgot the phone off the huk so she went tuh go stick it bakon it wit lizzie (but lizzie really didn't go bc i didn't want sam tuh get in trouble for goin there and not callin her mom and junk) and her mom was makin fun of them and shes like oh i was talkin tuh my mom in germany so it was buzy and im like oh so then we hung up and me and lizzie are like crackin up.. and then sam comes bak and then we tell her what happened and my mum made us sandwitches and we went downstairs and ate them and we had soda.. and we were play cOoL bOarDeRz 3 and like we always played winner and that was ALWAYS me.. lol juss kiddin well it was.. lol and then you have the person on the top and the person on the bottom and lizzie wanted tuh play agianist samira and so i was like here you can be my person and im always on the top and shes usally on the botttom but samira was there and there play and lizzie got like stuck but she didn't no it and im like oh you want me tuh do it for you and shes like no im winning and me and sam are like no.. and im there ok your go 4 miles per hour and she was still stuck but she thought she was movin and im like OMG you got up tuh 12 mph and then im like lizzie your losin and your stuck and shes like no !!! im winnin im like lizzie you on top !! shes like OMG !! i thought i was on the bottom winning !!! it was soo funny !!! and then after we played that we went out side and i was tellin them how my sis dared me tuh run around the springcalur and lizzies like i dare you to no and im like fine and i did and then me and sam dragged lizzie in it and then sams like OMG !! i have a white shirt and thing blah blah blah... and then we all ended wet and my TAN shorts were like BLACk lol and i had a white shurt on but it had a heart so it wasn't as see thru as sams and then sam and lizzie are drayin off and im like doin cartwheels and round offz and then i was like this is how egyptionz do a cart wheel and junk and then lizzie like do a front handspring and im like ok and i go tuh samira watch me buss mah ass and then well like... umm.. don't EVA let lizzie SPOT you.. lol then i was like oh lizzie let me spot you and then shes like your not gunna spot me rite and i was thinkin oh and you spotted me perfectly and then i was like if you go out of my reach then im not movin your gunna buss your ass and then she did one too far away from me and she like ended up bussin her ass.. and then i got changed while they were like still wet.. and then everyone left and then i like did stuff and junk.. lol well i am goin tuh go now have FUN readin all of this !!! lol byE

(*kiss me*)

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii keep on fallllllllllllllllllllllllllllin --------- [08 Aug 2001|06:29pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

hey well tuhdai i went places wit lizzie i went tuh the place were you watch a movee rush hour 2.. it was sooo go0d you should go see it.. and we came tuh mah house and played cool boarders 3 and i won all the timez but one bc i got stuck.. you no how tha finish line has two poles on the sides that hold it up ? well i go stuck in front of that and then she went past the finish line and then i did i was like thats soo un far !!! and then we went and saw a house that lizzis mum wants tuh byE and its nice and then we got ice cream and this thing of water for me and lizzie tuh share.. and i dark most of it.. and then i went home and so did lizzie... lol and this mornin i woke up at like 9 and then fell bak asleep at like 10 and then woke up at 12 and lizzie was triin tuh call meh and junk but i was sleep so she like couldn't lol.. i slept in mah basement... lol it was fun.. lol well i g2g byE

(*kiss me*)

watch watch watch [07 Aug 2001|01:35am]
[ mood | giggly ]

hEy yesterday i stayed home and i play playstation !!! yay !! and i watched dude, wherez mah car.. it was aight it wasn't that great.. but i saw the end at one time and the beginin at a diff time.. soo i dunno mayb if i see the WHOLE thing at once it will beh betta.. lol.. then i watched passionz and then mah sis came home many hourz later and then i watch charles angelz on DVD and then we watch.. TeN tHiNgZ i haTe aBoUt yOu !! it was greAt.. lol and then i did sum laundry and then bleached my shoez and then i umm came up stairz and then i went on the comp... lol.. dont have i have a interestin life ?? lol no.. lol well im gunna go !!! byEEEEEE

(*kiss me*)

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay [06 Aug 2001|02:54am]
[ mood | okay ]

hEy wus up ? well my sis got these walkee talkee thingz and they are soo kewl !!! lol im soo cornee.. lol i had chinese a lil while ago.. i have no life i like stay up till like 3 am.. lol well tuhdai is jAymE's b-dai.. hApPi b-dAi agaiN!! lol and like yesterdai my sis had family ova for her b-dai.. i have mah glasses on ;x !! lol .. well im goin tuh go tuh bed.. ill like write lata.. lol byE !!

(*kiss me*)

omG!!! ;x lOl [05 Aug 2001|02:05am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

im soo corny well me and my cuz were down in mah basement watchin a DVD and then when it was like all done and junk we were watchin *cartoon network* and we started sayin all these jokes and i thought like the dumbest joke was soo funni.. juss like in moovee's i think the lilest thingz that are funni are like halairious.. lol.. itz like almost 2;10 in the mornin.. i have like no life.. lol tuhdai we are havin a party for amh sis its like more of a family party and i dunno we always have them.. im goin tuh go ill write tuhmorrow nite !! byE !!

(*kiss me*)

wEt ;x [04 Aug 2001|10:52pm]
[ mood | sore ]

well lizzie was over tuhdai.. it was like soo borin bc she was here i didn't want her here but she had tuh cum so.. nahh juss kiddin !!! lol i luh ya !! mwauhz* and then we watched and moovee and like well sum of it not all bc the cd was messed up and so like we couldn't watch it on DVD then so we didn't.. i was soo spontanious tuhdai.. well me n my cuz and mah sis walked lizzie home.. and then we went tuh my old house.. and like me and mah sis wanted tuh go in our pool.. so we went inside the pool and like my cuz didn't want to go in so he didn't.. and then on our way home me and my sis are wet bc of us goin in and then my stomach started itchin and itz all red and like when i touch it it burnz but itz not a sunburn bc i got it walkin home in the DARK at NITE.. lol and it still hurtz.. OW !! lol and then we all got home and we changed and my sis is like in the basement doin her laundry soo well im goin tuh go.. so byE

(*kiss me*)

listen up !!! lol [03 Aug 2001|10:47pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok lizzie was suppost tuh cum ova but she got kinda sick but shez cummin ova tuhmorrow.. yay !! i went shoppin tuh dai wit my mum she was suppost tuh get a dress for a weddin tuhmorrow.. but they were like 200 dollaz so she didnt and i got a superman shirt !!! yay !! i <3 superman !!! my mom thought i was like CrAzEe !! he he ;x... lol and i got a coughfee.. yum yum.. lol when eva i have coughfee i usally like bounce off the walls like literally.. once when i was DD.. it was like 12 am and i was like doin cartwheels in there.. the people probably thought i was crazee.. tuhmorrow i think im gunna be home alone like probably like all dai bc my parents have a weddin and my sis has work and she is probably gunna go tuh a friendz house after work.. soo ill be home wit lizzie sittin in my CLEAN *finally* room.. ;x lol i cleaned my like whole house tuhdai !! bc im gettin money for it !!! yay !!i <3 bein home alone !! i always am !! itz soo much fun !! i like scare my self.. lol well im outz i have to go find umm sumthin tuh do.. lol byE

(*kiss me*)

mOvEe MoVeE mOvEe !! [02 Aug 2001|07:26pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

i saw save the last dance soo many timez tuhdai.. i know it like by word for word.. my fav movee is ten thingz i hate about you.. i luv that movee.. my sis bought the dvd.. and i like always watch it.. ;x he he she got it bc heath ledger is in it.. lol.. well ill write later buh bye !!

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lalala [01 Aug 2001|10:50pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

im so jealous of lizzie bc she she saw sum people that i didn't.. lol juss kiddin !! lol and tuhdai i didn't do really anythin juss helped a lot of people like lindsay !! lol.. i helped her the most.. i feel soo special.. lol jp.. i talked tuh brittany on the phone.. lol i made my bed.. (thatz a first) lol and my room is still a mess.. ;x i painted my nails neon green.. ;x.. he he and mah toes are hot pink !!! he he ok rite now we are waterin our grass we are such dorkz ! lol well im g2g buh bye !!

(*kiss me*)

he he ;x [01 Aug 2001|11:52am]
[ mood | hungry ]

i juss woke up and i havn't aten one thing well last nite when i went tuh go tuh bed i looked im my hamster cage and one of the two hamster's were missin.. i woke up my sis and was like jo one of the hamster's are missin.. shes like no.. im like im for real !! shes like oh well i hae tuh wake up in 4 hours.. i dunno what i am goin tuh do tuhdai.. probably nuttin.. ;x well im outz buh bye

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ahhh [01 Aug 2001|03:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hEy.. well i didn't end up goin swimmin... ;x whoopz.. he he i went tuh red lobster for my mom n sis's b-dai.. and i had a salad wit shrimp on it. it was good.. he he.. i luv this song by alicia keys.. he he.. i saw passions it was soo good.. i <3 that show !! he he ;x i am soo sleepee... I NEED SLEEP !!! AHH !! lol welp im outz i g2g check out sumthin then i have tuh go tuh sleep.. buh bye

(*kiss me*)

i dOn't HaVe a LiFe ;x [31 Jul 2001|01:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ha ha i dont i stayed yup really late last nite.. he he and i woke up at like 1;09.. ;x oppz there goes most of my dai.. ;x tuhdai is my momz b-day !! yay !! he he... its so awesome my sis's b-dai then my mom's b-dai.. he he im soo bored.. tuhdai i think im goin tuh go tuh my other house and go im the poOL he he.. my sis's fone is soo pretty.. i think im goin tuh get one.. its sliver wit blueish button's.. he he and it has a spear fone on the cordless thing.. its awesome.. well im outz buh bye !! mwahz*

(*kiss me*)

he he ;x [30 Jul 2001|08:41pm]
[ mood | good ]

ok well before when we were eatin my sis open her present and got a phone from her b-day from my mom so i got her a headset tuh go wit it and she opens it and shes like how does this go on your ear (bc she wears big earringz) and im like oh on the box it says caution don't wear wit earringz and she lookz at me like are you for real ? and im like nah juss kiddin.. ha ha anywayz i didn't end up doin anythin tuh dai... whoopz.. ;x well im outz buh bye !!!

(*kiss me*)

awww [30 Jul 2001|03:26pm]
[ mood | sad ]

hEy wus uP? oh nuttin juss helpin lindsay wit her journal.. he he.. my summer is soo borin... that's bc im not wit anthony.. :: tear tear:: i miss him soo much... welp im outz.. i have tuh go like go i dunno.. BYE !!

(*kiss me*)

yAwN [30 Jul 2001|12:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i juss woke up.. he he.. last nite all i did was play the sims and roller coaster tycoon.. yippie !! ... ;x ... tuh dai is my sis's 15th birthdai !!! yay !! she has tuh work on her birthday !! ha ha.. i didn't get her anythin yet.. i have tuh get money first and then i'll buy her sumthin.. ;x and i'll give it tuh her when she has her when she has a party.. tuhdai its soo nice out.. so i have tuh do sumthin tuhdai !! he he welp im outz buh bye 143 !!

(*kiss me*)

bLaH.. [29 Jul 2001|12:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

last nite i went tuh my cuz's b-dai and it was fun we played games.. and we played soccer gurlz against boiz.. and the gurls won but the boyz were like ok last person who gets the goal wins and they got the goal.. i was like ok? and i was playin in mah sockz.. and they got like really dirty.. grass stains all over them.. he he.. i took off my socks bc they were the goal.. ;x.. and then we watched rugrats all growed up wit like all my other cuz's... and then sum of my cuz's went tuh mah house... i had cookies n cream ice cream.. yay !! i think tuhdai i am goin tuh go over tuh my other house and swim... i dunno he he.. well i g2g buh bye 143!!!

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